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Techniques that help Master the Art of Salesmanship

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Carrying out a sales deal is an art which is not tough to master. With few techniques and a conscious mind, working and analyzing the client in parallel, a person can close the deal on a happy note. Here are few things that should help you in this regard.

Have a strong self-belief : The sales master is a personification of what he/she believes himself/herself to be. This belief is visible in the way one talks, walks and behaves in a company. Self-belief leads to greater confidence which results in improved listening and communication. It helps overcome the fear and break the ice when the environment is hostile. A person who has a strong sense of self-belief is not afraid of coming out of comfort zone.The fear of creating a negative impression on somebody vanishes once a person believes in himself strongly. This helps one set their goal higher and strive to achieve it with all the might. The art of salesmanship is mastered with strong self-belief.

Understand and love the product : A salesman must have a good understanding of the product. To be practical, a salesman should love the product he/she is endorsing. This helps one overcome the resistance to selling the product and helps in expressing the product in a better manner. This also helps one make the client see a reason for buying this product. A client these days can see through the preferences or false praises heaped on the product, easily. If a salesman is unable to love the product he/she is selling, then it is time to search for a product you love to endorse.

A good rapport makes the Salesman : Rapport promotes a state of acceptance. Once a salesman earns the rapport he/she earns the lead. The first sale is always crucial and definitive of success. The client should value your authority, expertise and credibility. It is possible only when you showcase your expert quality and plant this belief strongly in his/her mind. It earns the trust which makes the other person listen uncritically. This rapport building is easier with NLP technique of match and mirror method. In this method, you tone your body language so that you are a reflection of the client.

Dexterity of communication : A salesperson must practice intelligent questioning so that, he/she may know what benefits a client enjoys after buying the product. Emphasizing on the features and not focusing on the benefits is a work of amateur salesperson. An expert knows that a client is interested in the benefits of a product than its features and hence showcases the beneficial statements. So your rapport building begins with right kind of probing of client habits and knowing where the product fills the gap.

Closing the deal on a happy note : A salesperson may get flummoxed after building a good rapport and coming close to the sale point. Recognizing the closing point is the crucial stage at which the deal closure must be recommended. To practice it, carry out micro sales with a simple question like “You like this?” Utilize the listening skills to identify when the client is ready to close the deal and work accordingly.

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