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Time to work SMART - Reinvent your Sales Strategy

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The survival of a business depends hugely on the capability and ability of its Sales force. Day in and day out, new market players emerge with similar products, giving tough competition to existing businesses. Then begins the play of fighting for survival and remaining in a visible position with consumers.

In this scenario, the only way to survive in any industry would be to have highly productive habits that will act as the bedrock for professional success. Having a strong marketing and sales strategy, that is different from other, but ‘bang on’ effective, is easier said than done. Even if you manage to crack it, without employing the right kind of passion, energy and sales planning by your sales team, the returns could be lukewarm.

There are different ways and means to achieve the right strategy. Once a strategy is developed, it is also important to keep improvising and innovating, else the strategy could fall flat after a while. From perfecting your cold call reach to mass emailing to identifying profitable niche markets, and following up with the right stories to leverage offerings, knowing the ‘how to’ will help a great deal in closing that lead surer and faster than anything else. Let’s glance through some of the ways to improve sales performance.

  1. Understand your market home ground. Get a grip on your products and consumers. Before venturing to sell your products or services, it is crucial to know your products and identify your target audience. What is your UBQ (Unique Buying Quotient)? Why should people buy your product? What is the factor that makes your products stand out in the market? What is your market penetration strategy? Getting a clear understanding of these points will get you the necessary grip on the target market.

  2. Focus on the Right Leads There are leads and there are leads. Focus on getting the right leads. Don’t waste productive hours on leads that are not a good fit and will never become customers. Learn to identify the right people for your products and services. When you focus on the right leads, you tend to see better win rates, and loyal customers. Identify people who will gain value from your offerings. If you’re focusing on the people who are best served by your solution, it’s easier to close them as customers.

  3. Set Goals Ensure they are realistic goals. Do not build castles in the air. Nothing gets achieved then. Once you have a clear understanding of your products, market and leads, set your goals. Make an activity chart. Note down the calls per day, proposals per month, referrals per call, and so on that you can make and that is in your control. Measure your progress, and track them closely. This will not only help you to accomplish them, it will also ensure process efficiency.

  4. Employ Software Technology has made processes more easy and efficient with customized applications which serve a variety of purposes. Choose a sales application (sales app), that will make your work easy. Most of your administrative and tracking work can be done with the help of these apps. There is specialized software available, that are specially created to enable end to end sales process efficiency.

  5. Attention to Detail Never overlook even the smallest detail. Sales as a profession not only demands continuous innovation and improvement but also involves being attentive to even the smallest detail about your products as well as customers. Ensure that you are thorough with all your product details and how your products can fit in with your customer’s lifestyle. Remember all aspects right from names, background, requirements, and interests. Follow up on emails and messages. Send wishes and thank you mails and messages on festivals and after every interaction. Keep the communication and interaction active. Update your product portfolio. Be active on social media and so on. These are just few of the things you could do.

  6. Customer Satisfaction – Ultimate Victory Loyal Customers are worth their weight in gold. No business can ever ignore the importance of Customer Satisfaction. Whatever great we do with marketing strategies, product quality, branding, pricing, etc., if the customer is not happy with the product, the business could crash. It is important to sit up and take notice of this crucial aspect. It is equally important and non-negotiable to create a process that will enable you to develop a strong rapport with customers, thus gaining their loyalty and eventually turn them into your brand ambassadors (word of mouth publicity).

To Conclude: Sales are all about having the right attitude with your product and its users – your customers. The way you portray your products to the user makes a lot of difference. Sales are not always about success. There could be times when you are not performing well. There could be times when you are on a sale high. When the going is tough, ensure you keep calm, and motivate yourself. Do not allow any limiting beliefs affect your success. Come what may, ensure your attitude of confidence and commitment, remain persistent. Develop resilience, a never say die attitude and with time you can have a good control over yourself, your attitude and your sales goals.

Luck is when an opportunity comes across and you are ready for it ….. The Shark of Sales.


About UV Consultants: At UV Consultants, we focus on providing ‘Unique Value’ to our customers through Customized Training Solutions and Focused Coaching to Individuals and Corporates.

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