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Great Sales with NLP – is there a connection?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

- By Nimmi Shibu

Is there a connection? Really? Piqued your curiosity right. So did mine when my friend asked me to attend a workshop which stated that NLP would help one become better in closing sales. Trust me, I needed it, very badly. So I went, I participated, I conquered.

Here I share with you, some valuable insights and benefits, the program has given me.

Frankly, I have always been curious about this science. So what is it? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. One area which was very useful to me in my sales profession, was gaining valuable insights into how human beings function or react to different situations. By understanding why people behave the way they behave, I can position myself and my product efficiently and differently in the minds of my customers. I was happy with the knowledge that I could make it work.

Armed with the tools taught in my NLP workshop, I started my journey of no longer being just another sales nuisance, but someone who actually cares what you buy, someone whose product gives you value for money and someone you can consult for any information related to the product. This way, I could build connects who would later become repeat clients.

How does it work? NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise and arrange their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour patterns to produce great results. Understanding this science, enables our brain to run efficiently, manage our emotions and controls our behaviour. Understanding this aspect helped me change my way of presenting my offerings to clients.

NLP helps one in self-discovery and personality development. It builds confidence which is essential for shaping our all-round personality. It promotes effective listening and observational skills enabling you to find the hidden details in the communication. NLP Tools helps you develop the skill required to read between the lines and understand what the person is actually saying.

How would attending an NLP Workshop help me? NLP workshops are designed based on effective techniques in NLP which help to overcome obstacles that stop you from achieving success and unleash hidden potential. For me, this has been a turning point in my career as a Sales Personnel. The workshop introduced me to various facets of human nature, how I could interpret it and use to my benefit.

How adopting NLP techniques benefit driving sales objectives. NLP Workshop’s basic intention for driving sales is, your customer must first ‘buy’ you. He or she must find that credibility in you – only then will they consider ‘buying’ your product or service. The selling techniques adopted are so powerful that, you can even convince your customer into buying your product, the price of which could be relatively higher than most, if your relationship with your customer is right!


  • Build long term relationships with prospective clients

  • Understanding the needs, tastes and preferences of customers

  • Discover words that can generate sales

  • Create a pitch which will engage customers

  • Selling and influencing (customers, suppliers and clients)Corporate communications, advertising and marketing

  • Achieving sales targets

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction ratings

Every salesperson need to sharpen the Axe, time and again, to make successful sales consistently. Sales tips and tools help you stay on top of your game. Since clients, their requirements, and their buying habits are all different, a single sales technique does not work for all occasions. Relevant techniques can be developed with a keen knowledge of human Psyche. This knowledge can be explored through NLP workshops – a great platform to enhance your persuasion and negotiation skills.

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