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GALLUP – The Strengths Maximizer

“Don’t pursue success, pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down!”  – from “The 3 Idiots”

Mediocre is out. No organisation will tolerate mediocre performers. Why should they? They are not shelving out good money to have someone botch things up. Nah! Either you are very good at what you do or you are out. I was once again reminded of the statement, which I now consider my mantra, for performance and success, “If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.” ~ Vince Lombardi (Football Coach and Speaker)

Today professionalism demands excellence.  In any job!  Today, it is all about putting quality into everything you do.  ROI (Return on Investment) has become an attitude and is demanded by organisations.  They hire people who are achievers, who know what is expected of them and perform accordingly.  It is only these genre of people who make rapid strides in their career as opposed to others, who still believe in mediocre. As said before, mediocre is out, excellence is in, and here to stay. Bottom line!

And how does one pursue excellence?  By maximizing on our strengths.  That is the key. And to maximize on our strengths, we need to first know what our strengths are, shouldn’t we?

There are a number of tools that could help us do this, the most effective of all being the Gallup Strengths Finder. It isn’t until people know what their strengths are, in which areas they excel, will they know how to perform better in their role. Gallup Strengths Finder tool will not only help us know our strengths, it will make us more productive and engaged at work.  More so, it boosts positive relationships with teammates and people around us, thus help us have an excellent quality of life.  People, who get to use their strengths at work, are 6x more likely to be engaged. Hence, we refer to it as the ‘Strengths Maximizer’.

We will see here, how the ‘Gallup Strengths Finder’ program, will benefits each of these:

For Individuals – Knowing our unique set of talents, empowers us to succeed, by doing what we naturally do best, every day. The logic is simple.  If we like doing what we do, we do it better, each time. Gallup Strengths Finder uncovers inner talents enabling us to build relationships, make strategic decisions, execute plans and influence performance from others, thus help us achieve set goals and become a performer.

For Managers – Great Managers know how important it is to build employee morale and thus employee engagement.  They are the influencers who work towards enabling maximum employee performance. A great manager earns the respect and commitment of his team. It is a well-known fact that efficient managers not only drive and sustain high levels of performance from their team members, they are also instrumental in building workplaces that are engines of productivity, profitability and growth. For Managers, the Gallup Strengths Finder will help them find and further enhance their team members’ strengths and help build a powerful performing team.

For Organisations – One of the most important factors enabling success of any organisation is its human capital.  In order to sustain and grow in today’s dynamic business scenario, organizations must create the right performance culture by employing high performing individuals, to achieve best results.  To create an exceptional culture, it is essential for organisations to employ and develop their Human Capital by capitalizing on their strengths.  Thus, it becomes very important to evaluate each team members’ personalities and skills in order to create the best employee-job fit.  The basic premise here is that if we work to improve our weakness we no doubt prevent failure.  The miracle here is, IF WE WORK ON OUR STRENGTHS, WE ONLY CREATE SUCCESS. 

Human beings have more than 34 different types of strengths, some discovered but not utilised to its full potential and some lying dormant. The Strengths Finder Workshop will help discover the TOP FIVE STRENGTHS/TALENTS which will help you enjoy consistent near-perfection in what you or your team does thus enjoying success in everything you do.

Attending a Strengths Finder Workshop will be a useful opportunity as it is resource-based as well as interactive.  Such platforms offer us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves thus enabling participants to recognize their predominant strengths and use it to its best capacity to become future leaders.


About UV Consultants: At UV Consultants, we focus on providing ‘Unique Value’ to our customers through Customized Training Solutions and Focused Coaching to Individuals and Corporates.

To discuss your training requirements, please write to or call +971-4-8525752.

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