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Benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The term Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP) was coined by Dr Richard Bandler. NLP is a methodical procedure involving hypnosis, to bring about desired behaviour in a person. The procedure uses various means of communication(in strategies) including language. It works by recoding the response of the brain to stimuli, thereby influencing the behaviour of a person.

How can one benefit from NLP

An individual can observe an improvement in overall performance, his/her focusing ability, and emotional response to a situation.

This program may also be useful for, crossing the current hurdle in career, improving confidence, sharpening skills for use of language and gaining clarity of a situation.

On the personal front, it helps identify the caveats which interfere in a relationship, build self-confidence and rediscover yourself. This change of perspective helps improve a relationship and makes you a powerful communicator. It helps master your emotions and hence equips you to handle every situation with ease.

When focused onto coaching a salesperson, it helps associate the person with his/her product and hence be innovative when conversing with customers. It helps him/her identify customer needs, change customer pattern thinking in order to overcome the initial objection of the customer.

In relation to the business coaching, it helps manage one’s state of mind and hence, get things done from a different perspective.

Is NLP comparable to a Therapy?

NLP can be called as an educational process, which helps deliver constructively everlasting results more consistent than the psychotherapy sessions. It cannot be called as a therapy because it is solution-oriented.

The foundation of NLP

NLP proposes that people have everything required to attain the desired outcome, but the way to unlock them is through coaching. This is possible with effective communication which must be adapted according to the results. It helps change the emotional patterns, promotes self-awareness in a person and hence, achieve success in life.

Benefits of different techniques used in NLP

Some of the techniques used to help are listed below. They help change the behaviour, attract positive thoughts, patterns and hence experiences.

Dissociation – It is a technique which helps control the response to a situation which avoids distress due to a bad reaction. It works by neutralising negative emotions and brings about clarity. Useful in tackling phobias.

Self-Anchoring – It works on the emotional responses in a person and hence makes the person feel good. It is helpful in dealing depressive situations.

Content reframe – It helps one reframe a situation and give a different perspective to it, thereby removing the patterns of anger, helplessness, fear, etc. It helps one in shifting the focus on the right things in bad situations and hence avoid failures. This technique believes that every situation comes with good and bad facets, this method helps one notice the good.

Changing belief – Limiting beliefs are detrimental to growth. These beliefs are created due to experiences faced. There are three types of limiting beliefs. They are the belief about cause, identity and meaning. The beliefs gain strength as and when a person gains consciousness of aspects of reality. To overcome limiting beliefs, positive facts must be gathered.

Rapport – This technique is easier and useful in building rapport with other people. Techniques like, mirroring body language, vocabulary, style of the other person is helpful in this regard. It requires assessing the sensory preference (kinaesthetic or auditory) of the person.

A business man or a sales personnel, or a person undergoing personal turmoil, will find that NLP is the best answer to move forward and reach the goal easily.


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