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Wellness programs in Dubai


What Is Wellness Program Meant For?​

A wellness program is an initiative taken to improve the lifestyle and well-being of an individual. For this, several factors are generally taken care of including exercise, stress management, proper diet plan, workplace well-being, and prevention from sickness. In this program, the people are educated to improve health by escaping many such adversities that can be harmful, like smoking, unhealthy eating, lack of fitness, taking unwanted stress etc.

However, wellness programs are said to be different from health programs in many ways. Health being is for maintaining the physical body and factors like weight loss, exercising, and meditations for avoiding long term illness. On the other hand, wellness programs are conducted for bringing poise to the lifestyle through emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, environmental, and occupational wellbeing. This is why wellness programs in Dubai are being highly popular for bringing overall stability in the life of a person.

In the present competitive world, wellness programs have surely become the need of the hour to encourage a healthy lifestyle of people. This is why almost 91% of companies and world organizations today have affiliated with wellness programs for mutual growth.


What Are The Benefits Of Taking Wellness Programs?

There are many such reasons why wellness programs in Dubai have helped in reshaping the lives of people. Some of the prominent reasons for it are mentioned right below.

1. Improves Health Behavior

The right behavior can lead to the individual wellness across every place, be it at work or in society. They are encouraged to maintain healthy behavior with the usage of apt tools, skills, motivation, and social support. Adapting such behavior reduces the health
risks and thus the chances of attaining any chronic diseases.

2. Lower Elevated Health Risks

The core brick for initiating wellness programs in Dubai is to encourage a person to adopt healthy habits. For this, the first and foremost factor to consider is switching to a healthy diet. Reason being that high cholesterol, high glucose, and high blood pressure are some of the prominent causes among people for reduced health. While those who adopt wiser eating practices get to experience better behavior for days, weeks, and even months.

3. Cost Cutting On Health Care

People living an unhealthy lifestyle often rely on medicines the most as it is the quickest way to get better. But this cannot be guaranteed to be fit as medicines reduce the illness only to an extent. However, those who took the wellness programs in Dubai instead realized that taking healthy practices can be pocket friendly too. It initiates a cut-down on the cost of medicines, hence reducing the expenditure to quite an extent.

4. Enhances Productivity

One of the core reasons for dwarf productivity is an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, unhealthy diet plans, and lack of exercise are some of the reasons why most of the employees are physically present but mentally tired. The programs for wellness here promote a healthier lifestyle and many hacks to improve productivity at the workplace and at home.

5. Reduces the Reasons For Absenteeism

An enticing wellness program generates more interest in the person, and makes him more likely to be available at the workplace. The wellness programs in Dubai have an impact on the well-being of the person by reducing stress, grabbing control for healthier behavior, and suggesting better lifestyle ideas. So, the person acknowledges these more for being more present.

Which Components Are Included In Wellness Programs In Dubai?

The Society For Human Resource Management has stated stress management and leadership support as the two major components to be included in wellness programs in Dubai. And here is why!

Stress Management: A company needs to pay emphasis on the stress management bar of the employees for boosting productivity. Reason being that stress can be one of the major concerns in stopping the employee’s growth. The wellness programs in Dubai have clearly made it evident how stress management counseling in the workshop has brought about a positive change in the workplace. It gets much convenient to fulfill the tasks assigned due to increased manageability. Studies by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans have shown benefits of the employees in several ways, some of which are mentioned right below.

  • 53% of employers have obtained a hike in employee growth and satisfaction with the workplace and the environment.

  • 43% of employers could assess healthy behavior and increased health benefits data.

  • 45% of employers could observe a decline in health care costs.


Leadership Support: The wellness programs in Dubai are purposed to encourage the leaders for personal, professional, and environmental behavioral growth. The program for wellness will not be successful unless all the levels of leadership are proclaimed to the wellness of the staff. In return, the leaders also need to have a back for all the employee wellness activities and identify the wellness achievements. The report for the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans has showcased the following studies.

  • 63% of the organizations with a substantial increase in the employee’s satisfaction and engagement noted that the top management actively participated in wellness programs.

  • 57% of those professionals who had observed a decline in the health care costs had a contribution of organizational leadership in wellness programs.


These are the two basic components covered in every wellness program in Dubai.

What Are The Programs Included In The Wellness Programs In Dubai?

Wellness programs can include multiple other programs in it. Below are some of the programs to name a few.

Stress management:

In this program, the people are exposed to various ideas in order to handle stress. The ideas are generated to deal with both acute and chronic stress to get control over the situations.

Emotional Intelligence:

This program is for developing emotional intelligence in the people so that they know how to be strong and apt during any adversity. The course has become highly apt among people because of the struggles of the competitive world.

Neuro Linguistic programming:

It is an accurately designed program for encouraging personal and professional growth of individual. It is for incorporating specific techniques and skills needed to stay focused in life.

Coach trainings:

It is for those who want to build up as coaches and learn significant skills needed for the same.

Wellbeing coach:

The course is related to grooming sessions for enhancing the livelihood and wellbeing of individual. It has helped many individuals for self-growth in professional and personal world.


With it, there are many other specific wellness programs too which an organization would like to do for the welfare of the employees. Inclusive in it are meditation, yoga, fitness, sports and a lot more.

Why Choose UV Consultants For Taking Wellness Programs?

UV Consultants have been supporting masses for years with their efficient programs, coaching, and services. This has helped out many people in turning from drab to fab. The team focuses on many of the core features including the following.

Team Of Experts:

The wellness programs in Dubai are conducted by a team of experts. They have been practicing the subject matter for years and therefore know how to be efficient with their services. People would be guided with apt services and righteous features that promote self-growth.

Reasonable Prices:

The employers and the employees do not have to be a splurge at spending for these wellness programs. Affordable prices make it easy to grab the best deals at the best prices.

Prompt Customer Support:

The team to assist the online service is readily available 24*7. People can be resolved with their queries at any time of the day and night.

Many Other Subjects Covered:

UV Consultants not only cover wellness programs in Dubai but there are many other topics covered as well. Skill-building workshops, emotional intelligence training, hypnosis master class are some of the courses to name a few.


Timely Batches Formed:

You never have to feel worried about losing an opportunity of grabbing the course. There are timely batches formed which ensure that the courses can be availed at any time.

Healthy Teaching Methods:

You get to be exposed to a simplistic yet understandable procedure for studying from the wellness programs in Dubai. It includes a step by step procedure involving the following.


Level 1- Selling Fundamentals

Level 2- Keys To Sales Success

Level 3- Professional Sales Tools

Each of these features ensures that people get every tad bit of the advantages for their future growth and prospects. Eliminate stress from your shoulders with the best ever services. For more information, you can visit With this, for any further queries, you can ping at +971-4-852-5752 or drop an e-mail at We even give options for live chats and calls. Evolve out as a more confident person and make your professional space a treat with the wellness programs in Dubai.

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