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Dr. Vishal Sangale

Master Trainer

Dr. Vishal Sangale 

BHMS, MA Psychology

Doctoral Scholar (PhD) at University of Pune

CEO & Co founder of Brainberg

  • 13 years of clinical and counseling experience

  • International Test Commission (UK) - Young Scholar

  • NITI Aayog Mentor of Change - Govt. of India

  • Member of Committee for Accreditation of Psychometric Tests, Indian Institute of Business Psychology

  • Member of American Psychological Association and Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology (USA)

Dr. Vishal is a change catalyst working towards changing beliefs and motives of people to drive them on a success road. Objectivity in practice and subjectivity in experience is how he maps the road for success. He says “Relative change is my motive, absolute change is my aim, growth markers are my inspiration, being a change catalyst is my passion”.

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