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The Happiness Paradigm The Mindful way

06 - 07  November  2020

7:00 – 9:30 PM ​[Dubai Time]

Total 5 hours of Online Instructor Led Training

The current crisis has its impact on nearly every business.  Anxiety about health, and uncertainty about the future has led to an increase in employee stress and anxiety which puts a strain on organizations in terms of lost productivity and increased expense on healthcare. But with conscious efforts, we can bring about a sense of well-being. 

Our 5-hour, online instructor led program ‘The Happiness Paradigm’ can help individuals navigate through challenging times thereby building resilience and harmony and help Employers and Corporates provide the tools and resources to help employees reduce their stress levels.

Wellness Coach

Who will benefit

  • Individuals aspiring to have more control on their emotions, live in harmony and face disruptions in life with a balanced state of mind. 


  • Organizations desirous of helping their employees sustain emotional health and stay productive. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the nature of thoughts and emotions

  • Understand the mind - body connection in well being

  • Shifting our inner world orientation from control to heightened awareness

  • Mindfulness of the breath - Using the breath to settle the mind

  • Mindfulness of the body - Using Mindfulness tool to develop high resolution awareness of emotions

  • Self-Awareness - Mindfulness of states and awareness of internal states.

  • Self-Regulation - Handling distressed emotions.

  • Cultivating empathy - Loving-kindness meditation

Young Family

As part of our CSR initiative, it is our pleasure to offer this session at a highly discounted price so that more people can benefit from the program.

WAS AED 400        NOW AED 200



I am literally awed with the fact that how can someone so clearly identify the core issue and help you resolve it with such ease. My experience with Nitten's work, both in a group session and one-on-one session has been incredible. I never thought I will be able to learn and experience Mindfulness with this ease and all thanks to Nitten Mahadik and his team!

— Priyanka Nikarge


Nitten Mahadik

Master Trainer


Nitten Mahadik is a Mindfulness Coach and a certified teacher of SIY (Search Inside Yourself) offering mindfulness courses in over 20 countries for over a decade. He is  a ‘People Enabler’ who has trained more than 40,000 people in various organizations and has addressed over 20,000 people through his public programs. Using Mindfulness, Nitten has developed and delivered be-spoke workshops for clients on Mindfulness-based emotional Intelligence, Managing Change and Improving Resilience and Well-being. The emphasis of his workshops is to help people learn specific tools and apply the learning in their day-to-day life.

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