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Successful Virtual Communication

by Flo Akinbiyi 

During times where we need to rely purely on technology for communication, we have to make sure we do it right.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020  |  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Online Meeting

In a span of a few weeks our work environment has changed drastically.  Working from home, connecting with teams and clients via video conferencing platforms, and not facilitating the ‘real world’ face to face interaction, has become a new reality.

In times like these, we need to communicate straight to the point and in a positive manner.

In times like these, we need to choose engaging language, because we are limited by just digital connection.

In times like these, we need to have a basic understanding of communicating in front of a camera.

In this webinar you learn to enhance virtual communication by understanding how to use the camera , your body language and your voice along with visual aids to excel.

Learning Outcome

  • How to speak, engage and conduct yourself during virtual communication

  • How to use your voice to motivate and lift the spirit and embrace positivity

  • How to communicate clearly to drive productivity, efficiency and guarantee results

  • How to come across as authentic and confident to reassure your clients, suppliers and stakeholders

  • How to show virtual empathy to deliver positive or negative news to your teams, suppliers, or clients

Who should Enroll

With the advent of COVID-19, Virtual Communication is an essential part of life. This course brings value to anyone who has to apply virtual communication for personal or professional work.


Covid has stopped everything, But Flo will still flow. Thanks a lot for the amazing experience, and bringing a lot of us together, in this era of social distancing.

— Rizwan Abbas, Creative Artistic Director


AED 275/- + VAT

(per participant)

About the Trainer


Flo Akinbiyi 

Communication expert

Flo Akinbiyi is an exotic mix of roots from Nigeria and Germany. An international sponge, who has been enjoying the fast-paced life of Dubai for the past 7 years.

Flo has executed numerous public speaking training sessions, workshops, and presentations for individuals as well as corporate organizations.

The information he provides is easily relatable, digestible,  and extremely educational. He equips you with tools to leave a lasting mark.


His practical and individual approach leaves everyone empowered and motivated to become a confident and engaged speaker.

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