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Everybody gets anxious, most of us get stressed and lot of us get sad. But are you missing out on opportunities and happiness because of these factors? Is stress, anxiety and depression interfering with your life? While mild stress, anxiety and depression can be limiting, anything severe can be devastating. Find out if you are too stressed, anxious or depressed with this Stress Index Assessment & Management. It will determine whether you should consider seeking help, and to what degree.


  • The global economy loses about US$ 1 trillion per year in productivity due to depression and anxiety

  • Depression is one of the leading causes of disability, affecting 264 million people

  • Almost 800,000 people die by suicide every year; 1 person die from suicide every 40 seconds. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in individuals aged 15-29 years

  • Around 1 in 9 people in settings affected by conflict have a moderate or severe mental disorder

Stressed Man

Stress Index Assessment & Management

Duration:  10 mins
Questions: 30
Traits Evaluated: Stress, Anxiety, Depression
Reports: Immediately download report in PDF format

Who can take the test?

All levels of Employees in Organization


This assessment of 10 mins and 30 questions offers you a brief understanding of your Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Report Style

Detailed Report with details of 5 Traits

  • Interpretation & Analysis
    In-depth analysis of the trait and associated interpretation. Easy to understand.

  • Self-Help Guide
    Scientifically derived suggestions and advices for improving in all specific traits.

How it works

You will receive the Test Link

Attempt the Online Test

Receive Simplified &
in-depth Interpretive Reports

These are most standard psychometric tests based on guidelines by International Test Commission, USA and American Psychological Association, USA.

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