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Email Etiquette and Report Writing Skills



It is important to know the basics of email etiquette whether for business or personal use. This Module covers for you the top tips for email etiquette that everyone needs to be aware of and follow through. Communicate becomes hassle-free and to the point while the despatcher is perceived as a caring and intelligent human being, professional in every way. Another important must have is documentation skills. . In this module, we will discuss the basic structure of Business Reports, how to choose the right format, and tips on writing reports.


Frontline staff, Administration personnel, HR personnel, Sales personnel Employees and Managers who use email to communicate to staff and customers. Anyone who wants to improve business communication skills.


Understanding the difference between written and oral communication

Formatting emails

Dos and Donts of email writing

Legal issues surrounding email

Characteristics of Business reports

Structure and components of report writing

Report writing process

Research and Report data

Understand the nuances of effective written and verbal communication at the workplace


Formatting emails and Strategizing structure in sync with the requirement

Learn to work within principles to ensure professional, clear & concise communication

Better mastery at crafting email structures to achieve clarity in communication

Report writing becomes more structured and clear with no room for ambiguity

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