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Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do - Staying Positive During Tough Times

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

No one in this generation or below 100 years of age, would have ever thought that they would face the current situation – a global PANDEMIC. The world has come to a halt, Economy has come to a halt, Transportation has come to a halt, Malls, Offices, Theaters, everything, everywhere (other than essential services) have come to a halt. It is like seeing various screens freezing in front of you, one after the other. And then you see fear, a sense of desperation, helplessness on faces. Everyone is doing their utmost to ensure they follow rules, for fear they do not catch the virus or give it to someone. Family and friends are motivating each other through words, deeds, social media posts, watch parties, video calls, some social work for the needy and so on. This pandemic has got us all in its clutches – rich, poor, developed, developing, under-developed. It doesn’t care about caste, creed, religion, country. Everyone is a target!

Governments around the world are in crisis mode, trying their utmost to contain the spread of the pandemic, most of it being done through social distancing thus helping to mitigate the immensity of this global catastrophe. But this didn’t happen overnight, it was waiting in the wings to happen. This pandemic is the result of complacency and neglect. But that is another story. Here we are going to get some help on what can be done to stay positive during such tough and trying times.


This Pandemic is a huge ‘tough phase’. But throughout our lives, we do face many tough times – big and small. Preparation for examinations, loss in business, getting fired, loss of a loved one, relationships not working out, orders and contracts getting cancelled, being burdened with loans and debts, ill-health, and so on. These testing times, which although at that moment might be burdensome, brings out the best in many. The choice is ours. We can either wallow in self-pity, play the victim card or we can choose to face it, make ourselves stronger and come out more powerful. Let’s learn how to stay positive and keep our spirits high during such tough times. All it needs is a different outlook, a different approach.

  1. Do not panic - Do not allow panic to feed your mind and body. If you allow this, it will feed on your fear and grow stronger at the expense of your life. If you stay positive and focused, the panic ends there.

  2. When crisis overpowers you – There are times when the crisis is so big that however positive we might be, it can somehow get to you. Get into alert mode. Face the crisis. Quit playing the victim. Break it into small parts and see how the crisis can be productively managed.

  3. Take help – A second and third person’s view can, many times, help to resolve matters. Don’t take the entire responsibility of resolving matters on you. Getting help will energize you and make you see matters more clearly, frees you from the bitterness and anger you might have accumulated, thus allowing you to make better informed decisions.

  4. Meditate and deep breathe – Calm your mind. Make yourself feel peaceful and stress free. This works wonders. This will help you think calmly about the situation and see it for what it really is, than what it is you want to see. When we are stressed even a mole-hill looks like a mountain.

  5. Reflect and introspect - Take stock of the crisis. Reflect on what really happened and your initial response to it. Focus and find answers to questions like – Is this crisis as big as I think it is? Am I allowing myself to be bogged down by the enormity? Are my fears and worries real or imaginary? Jot down the answers you get to these and many such questions. What must I do if my fears are real? How do I manage this crisis with minimum negative impact for me or anyone concerned? Once you have jotted this down, write the answers and strategy for each. There is always a positive in any given situation or crises. Look for the positives.

  6. Make your ‘goody’ list – Make a list of all the resources you have to help you through the crises. It could be anything –your creativity, opportunities, some key skills, finance, support system, assets, and so on.

  7. Be grateful, give thanks – There is nothing more powerful than giving thanks. Make a mental or physical list of all that you receive, each day. It could be anything. Great family and friends, sufficient wealth, good food, a safe place to stay, etc. Things could have been a lot worse. Give thanks and focus on what you have than on what you have lost. This will help root you and bring you into a more positive frame of mind, enabling you to take the right decisions.

  8. Sleep well - Crisis times are very stressful. Hence it is of utmost importance that you give your body and mind quality sleep, which will allow you to stay energetic, clear-headed and focused to figure out your next moves.

  9. Avoid negative people – Avoid people who are always complaining, or filling your head with negativity. Also avoid being constantly fed with gloomy news. Instead, especially during such times, read some motivational articles or watch motivational videos or funny videos. This will help to put you in a more positive frame of mind.

  10. Take care of yourself – exercise, eat healthy drink plenty of water, meditate and deep-breathe. Get close to nature. Plant trees, flower plants. Go outdoors. If possible, go for walks amidst nature. Listen to birds chirping, soothing music.

Crisis times are the best times to re-evaluate the meaning of life. It gives you a hard lesson on what are the things that is really important and what are not? A reality check. It also brings out the best in you, in every form, but especially as a good human being.

Coming back to the Corona Pandemic – reach out to others and help in whatever capacity you can. There are many out there, who are badly affected by the crisis? Many have lost their jobs, many have closed their business and the daily wage laborers don’t know where to turn. Offer help within your means, because as per the Law of Attraction, whatever you give - money, kindness, a patient ear, motivation - comes back to you a thousand-fold.

This too shall pass.The future is bright, but till then, let’s watch each other’s backs.

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