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Pep up your Workplace Attitude

Attitude – a state of Mind. Attitude – a way of looking at life; a way of thinking, feeling or behaving.

This is good reading. Understanding Attitudes.  For a start, let’s understand the Hierarchy of Attitudes at workplace.  I was going through a blog from the Marketplace of Ideas where the writer spoke about Rich Hill, a fine organizational development consultant from Gabriel Consulting Group in Geneva, Illinois who introduced him to the concept of attitudes in the workplace.   Having been in the corporate scenario for years, I instantly related with it.  Here the writer spoke about the attitude hierarchy at workplace and where we stood in this hierarchy.  It would be beneficial to understand our positions in this hierarchy, which can be a helpful tool for us to make the desired changes in our attitudes, for more positive outcomes.

Let’s take a look at the Hierarchy of Attitudes at the Workplace

Hierarchy of Attitudes

In this hierarchy, the Good Soldier and Generator are already there.  The Grudgingly Compliant person is a challenge and are slow to adapt. The resigned are people who have given up and just go through the notions.  A strong candidate for the Generator position is the Actively Resistant chap. An actively resistant person, has the passions and emotions of a Generator. But, it lies below the surface and is waiting to be tapped.  He has opinions, objections and is a challenge for the leader.  The only way to change the mind-set and attitude of an Actively Resistant person is to lend an ear, listen to them actively, consider their objections and use their views to strengthen the organization. These are the people who will make your team and plans stronger because they have a different perspective, and provide the out of the box thinking which will boost creativity and innovation.

A Positive Attitude at Workplace

Having a good, positive attitude at workplace will help employees in establishing great interpersonal relations. Your attitude determines how well you get your projects done and also how others perceive you. It is a fact that your attitude is a pure reflection of yourself. A positive attitude helps employees to accomplish their tasks with higher degree of efficiency.

It all depends on how you want to perceive yourself in the eyes of others. Either with a positive attitude you can choose to be happy and optimistic at work or you can choose to be pessimistic and critical. Research suggests that positive thinking and a good attitude enhances your psychological well-being and help you cope better under stressful situations at work.

A good attitude can help you in getting along with your colleagues and seniors. With a positive attitude your chances of getting an increment or promotions are fairly high. You can also become a source of inspiration to other employees in your department. Through positive energy, work becomes a pleasure and employees find it easier to achieve organizational efficiency which in turns contributes to overall productivity.

Listed below are few measurable benefits of having a positive attitude at workplace:

Career Advancement:  Employees’ success in the workplace is measured through their performance and positive outlook. Employees with a positive attitude will always think of ways to finish their tasks instead of complaining or finding excuses. They will apply logical and analytical thinking to solve complex problems and accomplish the said task in an efficient manner. Due to their positive outlook and efficiency they can expect a hike in compensation or get promoted to the next level.

Increased Productivity:  With employing a positive attitude, employees begin to find their jobs rewarding and interesting. They focus on their tasks is high, which enables them to produce quality results with minimum errors. They derive the passion to excel at work which ultimately leads to increased productivity.

Team work: Good relationships among employees help in creating effective teams where all the team members unite to deliver quality output through team efforts. A positive attitude helps employees to appreciate each other’s strengths and overcome weaknesses. They understand each other’s competencies and work as a team for achieving common objectives.

Motivation:  Employees with the right attitude are driven by motivation. They are intrinsically motivated to perform better and deliver results consistently. A positive attitude is one of the crucial components in motivating employees. Optimistic employees are passionate and determined to take organizations to great heights.

Organizational Commitment:  Positive attitude is often linked to organizational commitment. Employees with a positive attitude, develop a sense of belonging and ownership towards the organization. They work with dedication and commitment while being optimistic about the company’s overall growth and prosperity.

Interpersonal Relationships: Attitude goes a long way in establishing great interpersonal relations. Employees with positive attitudes get along easily with co-workers, seniors and customers. Customers prefer to deal with someone who seems positive, warm and approachable. A positive attitude enables employees to build great rapport with customers, thereby building customer loyalty and goodwill in the long run.

A good, positive attitude, along with positive thinking is the ‘best fit’ attitude one can have at work.   It will make you a more productive employee and individual.  Develop a ‘can do’ attitude and do away with the ‘can’t’.


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