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CREATIVITY – Being Future Ready

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort”Franklin D. Roosevelt

What comes to mind when we say the word ‘Creativity’?  Something happy, something new, something ‘Out of the Box.  Yes, creativity is all these and more. Explaining what creativity, is a little difficult since it is a dynamic term. Creativity can be involved in all aspects of life. To give a generic definition – creativity is the process of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. A creative person perceives the world in different ways, finds hidden patterns, makes connections between what would otherwise be seen as ordinary, to generate solutions or bring something new into being. Creativity involves being curious, then making sense of that curiosity, then finding a solution.  One has to be passionate and committed to the process of creativity, because the end of the creative journey always results in bringing to life a new experience, a new solution, a new idea, or a new invention.

“Creativity brings to our awareness what was previously hidden from us and points to a new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.” – Rollo May, the Courage to Create

Recognizing Creativity  Creativity is a gift.  Some have it since birth, others cultivate it, yet there are others who feel they do not have an ounce of creativity in them.  Which is not true! We all are creative people! Some more, some less.  But creative we are. Creativity is not just about bringing new ideas and doing something different that is big for the whole world to see. No – there is a need to understand what creativity really is.  To recognize its existence in our everyday lives.  Whether it is steering your team in a different manner to achieve some goal, whether it is redecorating your room, whether it is looking at a floral presentation and finding new ways to present it – there are opportunities to be creative each day in our lives – in both personal and professional spaces. The end result is that wherever you apply a dose of creativity, it always makes that something more appealing, more rewarding, more useful, more value-add.

Some understanding on the nature of Creativity

  • Creativity is not confined to any specific individual: Its nature gifted and gifted to all.

  • You are either born creative or you acquire it – you can train yourself to be create.

  • Creativity knows no boundaries – It’s seamless. Creativity is expressed seamlessly without the restriction of limits or boundaries. It has a wide scope.

  • Creativity is development oriented – Forward thinking, adventurous and open.

  • Creativity is person specific – Creativity is not a combined effort as no two or three people can think or act the same way. It is more of an individual contribution.

  • Creativity is Intelligent – new thoughts, new expression but with a specific purpose. The thinker is always moving towards progressive ideas and outcomes.

  • Creativity is Flexible – It is in the nature of creative people, to accept changes and adapt themselves to new situations. They are able to find innovative solutions since they always explore different possibilities before coming up with something creative and progressive.

Why Creativity is important in today’s Businesses. Today’s organizations place huge value on creative expression.  Every business want to give something new, something radical, way out, to their customers to stay on the top. Customers also keep looking for what’s new and efficient.   They don’t mind spending money on products or services that brings in something fresh and worthwhile. Hence it has become priority that employees add creativity to their professional skills – either innate or developed.

Creativity Skills Vivid Imagination:  the basis of creation. The process of creativity start only when one starts imagining. Slowly a picture is formed and the ways and means to actualize the idea or solution takes shape. Imagination is a “hidden sensation” as it starts happening in the mind of the person.  If one is to describe imagination in a more professional or technical manner, one can say that it is the process of reviving in the mind, a certain target or object or situation given in sense perception.

Observe and Reflect: Observe and reflect on the information received.  This skill is a fundamental for development of creative skills. Observe everything related to that particular requirement. Then reflect on the observations before coming to an understanding.

Understanding: Creativity is considered a ‘right brain’ process. But the left brain plays an equally strong role at various intervals. Understanding the process should be wholesome, to get the best of the creation. It is during this process that the ideas or solutions are drafted, redrafting, and if necessary the process starts all over till the person is ready for the creation.  Basically creating a mental image before the actual work starts.

Creation:  Once the garden is ready in the mind, start developing it.  Plant the right plants. Take out the unnecessary weeds and water it regularly.  Give the creation focus and the time it requires to flourish. Nurturing the creation is also very important, else it will slowly fade away – out of sight out of mind and a creation with potential will be lost, hence focus and reviewing the creation is very important.

Creativity is not just artistic.  It is analytical as well.  For Creativity to be successful, it requires both novelty as well as analysis. Every business today, look for people who bring creativity into their area of work, as it is a crucial factor for success. Creativity is a core Leadership Skill. Have the right attitude, ability and understanding and gaining this skill will be a piece of cake.

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