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Clinch the Sale Deal NLP Style

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

“Learn effective sales communication making use of NLP process”

Why do you Need NLP

Modern sale system can benefit a great deal when subconscious mind process is put to work for a salesman. Emoting and communicating using the subconscious mind helps the salesman close the deal quickly. A conscious mind representing the logical thinking is limited to 10% of the mind process. When the salesman communicates using both, conscious and subconscious mind he/she can get the client take quicker decisions. To do so, a salesperson must utilize NLP technique to match the thinking frequency of a client. This helps a salesperson to recognize the crucial point of sale, at which the client is ready to say yes for the deal. The knowledge of customer thinking can empower the salesperson with right things to talk about the product benefits. All this is possible only when a salesperson uses the NLP process to gather client information.

Building rapport and closing the sale are two different important things: Rapport building helps lower the defense of the client in refusing a product. It opens up possibilities of connecting with personal values of a client. NLP offers many techniques to build rapport which promotes a congenial response from the client by triggering the unconscious part of his/her mind. This is earned by mimicking the posture, gesture, or speech pattern of the client so that you resemble the client. This brings the client close to you unconsciously. Closing a deal is a crucial matter, and unless one is adept at finding the closing point all his/her attempts are wasted. Many sales are lost because the salesperson waits for the client to explicitly say yes for a deal. To be practical, a client needs a trigger to say yes. It is your duty to give the trigger by suggesting to close the deal. This needs the salesman to get the client’s assent for major agreements of a sales process and summarize it at the end with a sentence like, ‘We are compliant on the agreement part, so is it suitable to go ahead with the proposal today?’

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