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Building Great Business Through Rapport Building

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Today, in every sector, competition is unavoidable where everyone is in the race to prove himself or herself. In this competitive world every individual is passionate about their work trying to give their possible best. Are you also a part of the race but finding trouble moving ahead? Are you the one with amazing talents but something still holds you back? Or are you a beginner filled with anxiety of new work?

These are common thoughts every employee or business owner experiences while climbing the professional ladder. The rising business statistics are complementary to the behavioural representation of the company and individuals that are determined by many factors in which here is the most basic one which we will be discussing which is Rapport Building.

What is rapport? In simple terms, Rapport can be defined as a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between two people or a group of people interacting with each other. It is the structural framework based on which the company moves ahead to achieve the success rate it desires for.

Why is rapport important? Up-growing market trends are not only influenced by the talents of an individual working for positive growth but also on how that individual can carry the team with him or her. Disparate working bears no fruit for any individual or a team and thus, the resonant energy between people working together is essential.  Whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert, the human nature can be evaluated and moulded in a more socially and mutually interactive behaviour to bring about a positive flow which is very beneficial and essential, to stay ahead in today’s times. So basically, trust and agreement between the employees as well as companies, can enhance their market performance.

What should I do to improve my Rapport Building Skills? Rapport building to a varying extent, is a default mechanism in us humans.  For some it is very easy and some have to work on it to develop the expertise.  But it is possible! There are various means through which one can develop rapport building skills and interact with people of diverse conduct. When a team works in unison, nothing can form an obstacle, which the group cannot overcome. Whether you work as an individual or as a team, here are some pointers that can be adopted for betterment of your rapport.

Few aspects to keep in mind:

  • One can build rapport through mutual understanding, friendship and affinity. These are the three pillars by which this skill is strengthened

  • Being genuine and sensitive towards colleagues can prove to be very helpful. Approach people at work place voluntarily intending to know them better. Build up the friendly contact and comfort, not only for them but also for self

  • Self-focus should be avoided. Today’s world is all about collaboration.  Try to generate real interest in your efforts to bond

  • Use different methods to bond, for example – find a common ground of interest to begin a conversation. This is a great technique, especially if you are in Sales and Marketing

  • Give out genuine compliments, show how you truly appreciate the hard work of your friends or team

  • Calibrate your rapport towards varied people. Often, the freshers or new sellers are anxious or overly sensitive and so, as a senior employee one must build a joyous atmosphere by indulging in simple talk

  • While working on business improvements, you need to take into consideration the importance to forge strong relationships with both – members of your team and the clients – since they form the crux of such relationships

  • As a matter of fact, everybody likes to be involved with people who are respectful, polite and having a friendly disposition. It aids in faster progression of events

  • Last but not the least, read the culture and principles, the people around you follow. Respecting their values and beliefs are also critical and ensure no one is hurt or feels insecure

If you find it difficult to progress in this direction it is always well to take some course of action in the form of attending workshops or trainings which teaches this skill. Remember, maintaining rapport professionally and personally is always effective. It is mutually beneficial as it not only impacts business growth, increments, promotions and flourishment but also builds successful relationships.

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Aug 23, 2021

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