Multiple Intelligence & Learning Style Test is one of the most standard assessment for primary school students to know their learning style and multiple intelligence areas. Through this assessment we measure the 9 types of Intelligences and 3 Learning styles of the student. You also get insights in your report through our unique video based Post-Assessment Session.

Multiple Intelligence & Learning Style Test

Duration:  30 mins
Questions: 37
Assessment on: 9 types of Intelligences & 3 Learning styles of the student
Reports: Digital with guide for students, parents and teachers

Who can take the test?

Students age range from 7 to 12 years


This assessment of 30 mins and 37 questions offers you an in-depth understanding of your skills sets.

Traits and Areas Evaluated

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE: Verbal Intelligence, Mathematical/Logical Intelligence, Spatial/Visual Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Kinesthetic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Naturalistic Intelligence, Existential Intelligence

LEARNING STYLES: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

Report Style

Download the report in PDF format

  • Interpretation & Analysis
    In-depth analysis of the trait and associated interpretation. Easy to understand.

  • Self-Help Guide
    Scientifically derived suggestions and advices for improving in all specific traits.

  • Managers / Mentors Guide
    Detailed section for the individuals Manager, who can mentor and maintain development program for individual on each Trait.

How it works

You will receive the Test Link

Attempt the Online Test

Receive Simplified &
in-depth Interpretive Reports

These are most standard psychometric tests based on guidelines by International Test Commission, USA and American Psychological Association, USA.


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