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Leading the Mindful Way

a two-day program for corporate leaders with Nitten Mahadik

“If we can manage the mind, we can manage everything”

Well-being plays a central role in life. We perform better in all aspects of our lives when we feel good every day. The mind has a significant impact on one's well-being. Whatever the mind generates, the body experiences. As a result, holistic well-being is a mind-body approach. But how many of us are aware of, and use, the tools available to help us manage our minds and keep them resourceful? It takes more than a pep talk or positive thinking to keep the mind healthy and agile. It entails looking closely at the nature of the mind and comprehending how it can result in either sorrow or happiness.


In their rush to deliver results, leaders frequently fail to prioritize their own well-being. Over time, the ever-increasing demand for results can have an effect on the mind and body, resulting in decreased efficiency, increased stress and anxiety, physical ailments, and reliance on stimulants to be more productive. As a result, we continue to push ourselves harder, struggle to maintain focus, connect meaningfully with others, and burn out.


We have for you a special two-day Mindfulness retreat which is an excellent opportunity for leaders in your organization to reset, reflect, and delve deeper into the well-being journey. This journey combines experiential exercises with real-world applications. The focus of this retreat is on self-discovery.

About this retreat

This two-day retreat aims at exploring mindfulness practices and how the mind plays a central role in whatever we do in life. The retreat intends to create an open, safe, and curious space for learning. Taking two days off for yourself away from work can be very valuable for you to pause, reflect and course correct.

Hence, we say that these two days can be the beginning of a new journey where we progress towards living with awareness, resourcefulness, kindness, and compassion.

What you will learn in this retreat from Nitten

Introduction to Mindfulness


Principles of Mindfulness


Mind-Body-Speech at ease


Calming the mind


Nature of emotions and afflictions


Loving-kindness and self-compassion


Why Mindfulness?


Clarify the myths about Mindfulness


Awareness and meta-awareness


Thoughts patterns and rumination


Involuntary movement of the mind


Open awareness

What to expect in this retreat

Experiential sessions

Look at practical issues

Relaxed, informal & a safe environment

Walk-away with specific tools

What are the benefits of this retreat

Understand Mindfulness in-depth

Learn essential attitudes of practicing Mindfulness

Learn to relax mind-body-speech and totally let go

Gain insights about thinking and managing negative thoughts

Learn practices to calm the busy and stressed-out mind

Manage disruptive emotions and build resilience

Understand the importance of self-compassion to manage low performance

Open monitoring to develop cognitive balance

Understand the essential pillars of emotional balance

Case Studies

Here are two case studies how companies can improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention by implementing initiatives that prioritize employee well-being.


An article published on in October 2019

The article focuses on a case study of SAP, a multinational software corporation, and its efforts to prioritize employee well-being. The article highlights various initiatives that SAP implemented to support employee well-being, such as flexible work arrangements, mental health resources, and wellness programs. The article also discusses how these initiatives positively impacted SAP's business, including increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved employee retention. Overall, the article provides insights into how prioritizing employee well-being can have significant benefits for both employees and their employers.


An article published on the World Economic Forum's Agenda website in October 2016

The article discusses how Google, one of the world's largest and most innovative companies, creates a happy and productive work environment for its employees. The article highlights various practices and strategies implemented by Google, such as providing employees with free healthy food, encouraging creativity and collaboration, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. The article also discusses the benefits of creating a positive work environment for employees, including increased productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Who should attend this retreat

This program will benefit all the leaders who want to explore deeper aspects of well-being and lead themselves and others effectively.

Meet the Trainer

Mr. Nitten Mahadik


Nitten comes with over two decades of experience.  He has been a Mindfulness practitioner for more than a decade and has conducted Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence workshops for corporates, the education sector, and NGOs. He is also a certified SIY Teacher ( SIY offers Mindfulness courses in over 50 countries. Using Mindfulness and theatrical skills, he has coached people to achieve well-being and enhance their Impact and Influence. A trained actor from Jeff Goldberg Studio, Nitten has delivered more than 100 performances. His humorous, narrative style and examples keep his audience highly engaged and involved in the learning process.


For more info about Nitten Mahadik please visit

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