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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

23 - 25 July, 2020

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

by Alexey Nuzhnyy 

23 - 25 July 2020  |  7:00 – 9:00 PM

Online Instructor Led Training

In this six-hour online training program, our trainer Mr. Alexey Nuzhnyy will explain in an easy and simple language the principles of corporate financial management and help participants identify the most basic and fundamental performance measures for any type of business.

Business Meeting

Why you should attend

Both owners of business and management team members sometimes have an unclear understanding of the finance function’s role in the business. It is sometimes necessary to ask a few basic questions like how do we correctly assess the effectiveness of a business? Is profit alone a correct measure of success?


Or maybe you have a solid market share, a lot of plans for the future, the staff is highly motivated and engaged and has all the necessary skills to make the business a success.  Still things are not going right with the business?

This is the right time to dig a little deeper into the financial aspects of the business and to ensure you are managing it right.  It is time to analyze what is probably going wrong and what should be modified by using some new (or just forgotten) basic financial guidelines to run the business.

Who should attend

This program is designed for Business Owners, Senior Managers, Department Heads, Executives, Managers, Sales and Marketing Personnel, Administration team members, HR personnel and anyone else who wish to upgrade their knowledge in finance and benefit from a greater understanding of the financial impact of business decisions. 


Session - 1 | Thur, July 23

  • Introduction

  • Basic Concepts

  • Motivation & Financial Decision Making

  • Accounting Principles

  • Accounting Interactive Game

Session - 2 | Fri, July 24

  • Investment Principles

  • Present Value

  • Risk & Opportunity Cost of Capital

  • Working Capital Management

  • Free Cash Flow

  • Business Processes Optimization

Session - 3 | Sat, July 25

  • Financial KPIs & Analysis

  • Taxes

  • Business Case, Projects Calculation

  • Principles of Budgeting

  • Budgeting Simulator

  • Wrap-up


AED 750/- + VAT

(per participant)


Mr. Alexey has got extra-ordinary knowledge in Finance and I have learnt a lot from him.

— Abhishek Mukundh, ICA- UK, Credit Controller


About the Trainer


Mr. Alexey Nuzhnyy comes with over 23 years of corporate experience, managing finance for some of the top-notch organizations globally.  Currently he is the Regional Finance Director, Middle East, Africa & Russia/CIS for ESAB.  Alexey who is currently based in Russia is also a visiting professor with Moscow State University (faculty for Moscow School of Economics).  He holds a degree in law and finance and has completed his MBA from the international business school INSEAD.

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