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The ART of Coaching

In this FREE-to-attend session, understand...

  • What Coaching is and what it is not
  • The basic coaching framework
  • The essential core competencies for effective coaching
  • The current coaching marketplace, how the industry is growing, and how a coaching business is future-proofed against these uncertain times
  • How you can take your first step to be a certified coach and way forward to establish your credibility as a coach with lots of coaching clients to your credit
  • How to use two amazingly effective coaching tools

About the speaker

VP Menon is a Success Coach & Business Startup Mentor.  VP comes with over three decades of experience in the corporate world as well as an entrepreneur. VP is a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coaching Federation). He is also a Certified International Professional Training Consultant and an APICS CSCP. He is also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Group Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner.

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