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Handling Difficult Customers


Success comes from understanding how we behave, as well as how we can influence others. If difficult interactions are necessary, and we approach those conversations with a plan, we will find that we have less difficult people to deal with. More often than not, we will also have more meaningful and significant conversations. In this workshop, you will learn how to turn difficult situations and people into opportunities for growth.

Who should Attend?

Managers, Department heads, Senior supervisors, Team leaders and personnel who need to develop their communication to get the best out of people, to understand and be understood . Employers and Employees who are looking out for enhanced performance and productivity, harmoniously.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the psychology of difficult customers
  • Understand the art of managing Prickly customers
  • Understanding different Communication Styles and working with it
  • Understanding the art of active listening
  • Learning the art of asking the right questions
  • The importance of Rapport building in relationships
  • Speaking the language your customer can relate to
  • 7 steps to manage difficult customers
  • The GLAD process to handle difficult customers
  • Managing yourself – Dealing with Stress

Applicational Value

  • Learn to establish a positive intent and a desired outcome
  • Use good communication skills during a conversation
  • Draft a script for a difficult conversation
  • Use specific steps to carry out a difficult conversation
  • Maintain safety in a conversation with mutual respect and understanding
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