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8 contact sessions spread over 4 weekends/2 hours per session

STARTS on 26th November

Nov 26, 27 & Dec 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18

 4.00 - 6.00 PM (UAE Time)


Children and young people occupy a unique time in the human cycle that deserves our special attention, and the best of our resources and investments. They are the major “social capital” of every society concerned with change for a better today and for the future of its members. Their education promises the chance of improving economic and social conditions; their positive socialization for conflict resolution can help manage social clashes; their health and good nutrition can promote longevity, lower social costs and lead to a better quality of life; and their psychological well-being has the promise of a more resilient and culturally rich society.

Most parents and teachers hope that their children will have a better quality of life than they have good education and guidance, and most of them work hard towards achieving this goal. Certification Program in Career Counseling is one such step in that direction. It uses Kshetra Bodh method of Career Guidance and WhizQiz an online psychometric assessment platform both developed by Brainberg for all needs of students, teachers and parents. A one-month comprehensive certificate program that covers the basics of career counseling techniques with training in use of psychometric assessment tools.

Business Presentation

Since ages every individual has been witnessing the formidable strength of mind in shaping the future of his/her own self and of the society in general. While today’s world is more resourceful and connected, history has not seen time so affluent for human welfare.

Nevertheless, the challenges are even more obvious. Improving of quality of life index is the primary mission of umpteen number of people. In doing so nothing but education is at the helm of all measures. Imparting man making and character-building education to our children should be our focus.

Todays teen is abundant in resources and refined with abilities, ceaselessly working towards making some impact in the area they want to work in.

The challenge here is how to know which area they are going to work in?

Kshetra Bodh is a humble initiative in directing the youth in their career.


In this method we train the counselee to see at the career with abundance. Relinquishing the scarcity mentality, we encourage hard work and knowledge about self, surrounding and work to be the primary factors of understanding and choosing a career path.


Here the Counselor has got the pivotal role. Not only the counselor brings about insightful change in the student, but also himself/herself evolve as an empathetic change agent. To encourage this transformation in the counselor, we conduct a self-assessment of all the participants in the certification program to identify their strengths and areas of improvement. The crux of this self-evaluation is to restore the doctrine of ‘walk the talk’. If you are to play a role of catalyst in the lives of students, you are obligated to uphold the principles that you share. In Kshetra Bodh method these traits are termed as Acharya Lakshane (Signs of the Teacher).

The counselors after the training understand the abilities, vocational interests and numerous other aspects like Health Habits, Time Management, Learning Attitude, Concentration, Academic Stress, Goal Setting, Preparation and Follow-Up, Comprehension, Use of Resources, Exam Preparation, Exam Writing in devising a comprehensive career path for the student.

  • Any Graduate

  • School/College teacher

  • Psychologist or a Counselor

  • Any passionate individual working towards betterment of students


  1. ​​Introduction to Psychological Counseling

  2. Career Guidance & Core Counseling Skills

  3. The Kshetra Bodh Method of Career Guidance

  4. Career Options in various streams

  5. Introduction to Psychometrics & WhizQiz Assessments - Standards & Utility

  6. Case studies & Supervision

  7. Handling student & parent queries

  8. Setting up your Career Counseling Practice - Online & Offline Business Strategies.


Certified Career Counselor

Program approved by IAPCCT



  • Certificate as a Career Guidance Counselor

  • Access to WhizQiz Assessment dashboards

  • 10 Assessment Licence pack worth AED 2000/-

  • Knowledge support from Brainberg to set up your Counseling Unit



Brainberg Knowledge Solutions is a Psychometric Assessment Company which offers solutions to Corporates, Industries & Academia for Effective & Improved HR solutions & Academic performances through its assessment & training platforms “Traitfit”, "Whizqiz" & "Synapse".


Inception of Brainberg is based on the motive to reveal all the positive aspects of an individual existence. We mediated the changes in lives of people from unease to ease, from missed opportunities to success, from relationship conflicts to happy ever after and from despair to hope.


Company operates in 4 dedicated Platforms & Teams as Traitfit, Synapse, Whizqiz and Clinics Providing HR Solutions, Skill development Program, Career Assessments and Interventions keeping Psychometric Assessments at its CORE.


  • Member of International Test Commission, USA

  • Professional Member of SIOP, Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, USA

  • DIPP, Govt. of India, Recognized Start-up

  • MoU Partner with Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS)

  • Mentors for Change (Atal Tinkering Labs) NITI Aayog, Govt. of India

  • Member Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA)

  • Member of National Career Development Association (NCDA)

  • Member of The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)

  • SPA for ATMANIRBHAR Bharat, Govt of India

  • Member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

  • Member of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP)

 11+ years of psychometric assessment experience 
 300+ pre-built tests available in multiple languages
 90+ competencies & traits
 20+ industry sectors mapped & to choose from
 100+ clients internationally & domestically
 40,000+ of our tests are taken every year
 30% of business coming from exports


Dr. Vishal Sangale 
BHMS, MA Psychology
Doctoral Scholar (PhD) at University of Pune
CEO & Co founder of Brainberg

  • 13 years of clinical and counseling experience

  • International Test Commission (UK) - Young Scholar

  • NITI Aayog Mentor of Change - Govt. of India

  • Member of Committee for Accreditation of Psychometric Tests, Indian Institute of Business Psychology

  • Member of American Psychological Association and Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology (USA)

Dr. Vishal is a change catalyst working towards changing beliefs and motives of people to drive them on a success road. Objectivity in practice and subjectivity in experience is how he maps the road for success. He says “Relative change is my motive, absolute change is my aim, growth markers are my inspiration, being a change catalyst is my passion”.


I recommend you to become the Brainberg Certified Career Counselor

I found their Training Program to be interesting & interactive with practical activities. It enabled a good & hands on understanding of their unique online Psychometric Assessment platforms, WhizQiz and Traitfit. Since then they have provided me with continuous support in my journey as a Career Counselor. Their seamless, online test administration to report generation process has helped me create many wow experiences for my individual & Corporate Clients alike. This has really helped me create a distinguished identity within the fraternity in my geographical area.

Dr. Viren Sharma
MP & Chattisgarh 

The course came as a revolutionary change in the way I could cater to my clients

The in-depth training in the concepts, approach and methodologies helped me bring in more precision and value addition in my work with my clients. The seamless & robust online platforms & ease of test admnistration has drastically brought down the logistical time in the entire career counseling process and their detailed, self explanatory system generated reports have allowed a two way quality conversation between me and my clients allowing further transparency and effectiveness in the career counseling process. Thank u Brainberg for such a gift.

Dr. Vinaya Acharya

This course helped me to add an extra dimension to my counselling skills

Being a psychologist it helped me to add an extra dimension to my counselling skills, which would enhance my skills further in future, while dealing with students.

Sthitipragnya Mohanty 


This is one of the courses which gives an insight beyond typical mindset of students & parents

This course gave a very deep insight to the mindset of students & parents. It focused on the maximum outcome for the student. This is one of the courses which gives an insight beyond typical mindset of students & parents. The idea of being guided in a trending environment is the prime focus of this course which I value most

Vandana Rajkumar 



AED 1500 + VAT

Early Bird Discount

AED 1200 + VAT

(up to 5 Oct 2021)

Special price for group registrations of 3 or more participants

All prices are per participant and excludes 5% VAT

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