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Say ‘YEA’ to a Happy Workplace

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

What is the co-relation between Productivity and a Happy Workplace? Well, when employees are happy, business flourishes.

Traditionally, employers and employees believed that a job is a job, not necessarily fun, or enjoyable. Work is hard. Dealing with work stresses, day in and day out, is hard. Learning how to find a balance in life between the stresses and pressures of work and life outside work is hard. There was no ‘fun’ in work. The stresses incurred would lead to health issues, and issues in both professional and personal lives. Slowly, this outlook is undergoing a change. The current mind-set has brought in awareness that tackling these issues by creating a great place to work, is essential for work-life balance, mental peace, personal success – and the success of an organization.

One of the most important aspects that many leading companies strongly believe is, creating and fostering a work environment that is fun and that inspires employees to take joy in their work. As beautifully quoted by Pearl S. Buck, To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.”

Believe it, today even governments are taking this seriously.  UAE has a Ministry for Happiness.

Finding joy in your work can yield enormous benefits by improving relationships between both employees and employer. Happy employees are often motivated and, intrinsically motivated employees can do wonders. They are willing to walk that extra mile to take the organization to great heights.

Some key reasons why creating an enjoyable workplace environment is critical for your business:

Happiness – a multiplying effect Happiness is contagious when encouraged, and can spread throughout an entire organization. Employees who find joy in their work become role models for their colleagues and indirectly inspire them to love their work. Employees who genuinely enjoy their work tend to be more productive, happier, and more successful. This increases self-confidence and display greater operational efficiency.

Happiness fosters creativity Innovation is the lifeline of all successful businesses, and happy employees look at things from a different perspective. They fuel their imagination and ignite the creativity within them. They come up with unique solutions to meet business needs and to stay ahead of the competition.

Establishing Great relationships  A positive workplace enables leaders, managers and employees to have trusting and supportive relationships. It instills a sense of belonging towards the organization and goes a long way in building great relationships. In order to have engaged workforce and high retention rates, managers must strive to create an environment where people can flourish, come out of their shell and unleash the hidden potential within them.

Reduces stress and increases productivity A happy and fun-filled workplace helps in eliminating stress. Stressed-out employees are de-motivated and depressed. This can have a devastating effect on productivity. Eliminating stress and worries present in the workplace can lead to increased productivity.

Random acts of happiness When was the last time you brought a co-worker a cup of coffee?  Research shows that such random acts, really matter. Give spot prizes or cash rewards to high performing employees. Surprise them with rewards and recognition once in a while. This will have instant reaction on them and make them extremely happy.

Encourages risk-taking Business is not about playing safe at all times. Business is about taking the right risk at the right time. As the saying goes, “Higher the Risk, Higher the returns”. Happy employees who are a part of positive work environment are more likely to take calculated risks, while unhappy employees often play safe because they lack self-confidence and step back from risks.

Learning from mistakes A supportive work environment encourages employees to learn from their mistakes rather than being hesitant in trying something new. Mistakes can lead to unforeseen success in the long run.  Employees who are afraid to make mistakes will never learn anything new. They will follow the same monotonous routes of doing things and never explore hidden opportunities.

Develops a sense of purpose People want to feel that their work really matters, and that their contributions are a crucial part of their organization’s success. They want to know that they and their organizations are doing something big that matters to other people. A positive work environment makes them feel valued as organizations are concerned about their work-life balance.

Lead by example Managers who take pleasure in their jobs and encourage their team to enjoy their work often instill confidence, dedication and loyalty in them. Managers, who set remarkable standards for performance, are a critical component of the success of any business. They set up a culture wherein, consistent performance becomes a habit.

Creating a work environment that is full of fun and happiness is a pre-requisite. In the words of Ben Sweetland, “Happiness is a journey not a destination.”Organizations must constantly strive to create a happy and fulfilling workplace for its valuable employees. A more promising and happy workplace will not only pay higher dividends in the long run but will also drive your business to scalable heights.

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