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How to Negotiate

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Decide on your break-even point

Lowest amount or cheapest price will accept in deal. On-financial term is the worst- case scenario you are willing to accept. Break even point can leave you accepting a deal that is not in your best interest. Representing someone else in a negotiation get agreement in writing your credibility is that one that takes hit.

Know what you’re worth

How much does the other party need you? If they need you more than you need them, you have the better position; you should need them more than they need you. Being a hostage negotiator is very hard. Negotiator must be good in making small concessions big. A rare gem vendor doesn’t need a particular person’s money. This puts her in excellent position to the people she is negotiating with

Never feel rushed

Don’t lose patience. If you lack patience you should accept any position. If you stay longer you’ll get more of what you want. Proposals are what you offer to the other person and the other person’s counter- proposes. So plan it accordingly. Negotiating someone your proposals should be right. You don’t want to risk some one’s life. If the employer negotiates you down to a lower salary. You are increasing the chances of getting a better final salary. Be ready to walk out that the other party will call you back and feel happy with your efforts.


Depending on the situation

Ask what you want start high you’ll most negotiated to a lower level. If you offer is to close you would have no chance of bargaining. Don’t be scared to make requests. Let them know you have guts, value yourself, your time, and your money. Don’t be worried be bold that you are making business. Take advantage otherwise they will take advantage.

Shop around and bring proof

Negotiating salary researches will give you basic idea about your own stand. This can make people compromise.

Use silence

In proposals use silence, your body language and force them to come up with a better offer.

Offer to pay up front

An upfront payment is always desirable to seller to ask the buyer paying in advance. Ask to buy the product or service for that amount. They may accept an immediate payment is hard to resist. Paying in cash is best

Never give away without consideration

Don’t give free the person think your bargaining position is weak. Smart bar gainers are like shark in water.

Demand something that’s valuable

Make the both parties feel that you are on winning side. If you are smart you can get creative what you ask for. For example, if you win and they pay u $100 and you want $ 150. Ask them pay a wine bottle it will easy for them to produce a bottle.

Offer or request extras.

To sweeten the deal extras or peaks can be cheap. But push the deal.

Always hold back a closer.

A closer argument will be better to close the deal. If you are broker or client is going to buy this week whether the seller is willing or not. You can induce her why that time is important.

Don’t let personal hang-ups side-track the negotiations.

Negotiation are side-tracked because one party takes an issue personally. Try not to take negotiation personally it offends your sense of worth. If the person is rude or aggressive or abusive you can walk at any time.

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