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Diploma in Sales Mastery
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Mastering Sales With NLP

  • Are you a Sales professional with difficulty selling your products?
  • Are you a Coach or Trainer who is not getting enough business?
  • Are you an entrepreneur finding it difficult to sell your services?

Join us and learn the Art of Selling, the NLP way! Selling is the life blood of your business – whether you are a full blown Sales person, coaching on the side, or a full time therapist or a trainer. You will struggle unless you are really comfortable with selling yourself and your products and/or services.

Unless you LOVE selling, you will not achieve your potential in business. Unless you are confident with selling, your business cannot grow. Unless you become elegant in selling, you are just a product pusher

Who will benefit?

Whatever you may BE whatever you may DO, this program is beneficial to YOU! Transforming the lives of Business Professionals to Home-makers.
  • Sale and Marketing Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Executives
  • Entrepreneurs who want to up their companies and sales
  • Anyone interested in Personal Branding

What you will learn

  • How people buy! - Knowing your client through your clients eyes
  • Rapport Building - Rapport opens doors and reduces resistance
  • Mirroring- Building non-verbal trust
  • Verbal techniques that build bonds and a connection
  • Influencing Skills with the Client
  • Pacing and leading- bringing your client to the point of buying
  • Effective listening- the bottom line of eliciting outcomes
  • Discovering your client's buying strategy
  • Cashing objections- turning a NO into a sales opportunity
  • Embedded Hypnotic commands
  • Questioning for quality information
  • Closing Successfully- a matter of attitude

About the Training Facilitator

This training program is facilitated by Mr. Vikram Dhar - International Master Trainer. Certified by American Board of NLP, ABNLP, and Association of NLP, UK (ANLP, UK). Vikram is certified by both ABNLP, USA and ANLP, UK and also certified by Dr Richard Bandler as a Licensed NLP Coach, and by ICF as Mentor Coach. Vikram has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Bradley University, Illinois, USA and an Engineering Degree from NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India

What people say about us?

Testimonals of our Customers

  • After having attended the NLP Workshop by UV Consultants, here in Dubai, one can state with confidence that a person who has no prior knowledge of NLP will become a well-in- formed practitioner by attending this training. The trainer was very fluent in his techniques and engaging in his delivery. Though I could say that attending this training will accelerate your growth but you will realize it when you attend the training yourself. Thank you UV consultants for bringing this opportunity to Dubai
    Robert Devotta, Operations Manager, Dubai.
  • I attended the NLP session conducted by UV Consultants to have the necessary tools to communicate more freely, be more influential and deal with people more effectively in my professional and personal life. NLP showed me that I’ve already got all of the resources to do this and a whole lot more. I got a huge amount of value from the practical learning style. I would like to apply my NLP learning and development in my work and feel much more positive. I know it’s a long road ahead which is exciting to look forward to.
    Sashi Dharan, Head – HR, Dubai.

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