Mastering Sales with NLP

“The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can't, but in the things, you've never considered doing.” - Dr. Richard Bandler

Join us and learn the Art of Selling, the NLP way! Selling is the lifeblood of any business – whether you are a full-blown Salesperson selling a product or service or a Coach, Therapist, Consultant or Trainer. You will struggle unless you are really comfortable with selling yourself and your products and/or services.

Become a Super-Salesperson. Discover NLP techniques that successful sales professionals use to experience winning results every moment of the day.

Session Objectives

  • Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • NLP frames useful for selling
  • Establishing Rapport
  • NLP communication model
  • Belief amplification
  • Managing states

About the speaker

VP Menon is a Success Coach & Business Startup Mentor.  VP comes with over three decades of experience in the corporate world as well as an entrepreneur. VP is a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coaching Federation). He is also a Certified International Professional Training Consultant and an APICS CSCP. He is also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Group Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner.